Top 10 things about Uni…

For those of you that know me, know I love my University. I am a 2nd year student, currently studying Multimedia Sports Journalism at UCFB.

You must be wondering, ‘what’s UCFB?’

Well UCFB is a Football Business University at the Etihad Campus in Manchester and at Wembley in London and all the degrees that are taught there are designed to prepare us for a life within the sports industry. I am fortunate enough to study in Manchester at the Etihad Campus and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I was adamant on studying Sports Journalism but UCFB was not one of my 5 choices until I attended one of the open days. I can’t stress enough how much open days can help you make or break a decision when it comes to applying to Uni. On open days, you are able to talk to current students and lecturers about what the course entails. You can pretty much ask them anything and they can try to answer any questions you may have on either the University or the degree itself.

Here are my top 10 ‘things’ about University…

  1. You make friends instantly. You all share a commonality, whether it’s someone from your course, a society or someone in your accommodation. You are bound to make new friends and they’ll be sticking round for a long time.
  2. You learn to become independent. Living out can be hard, but it sure does teach you a few life lessons. For example, how to cook and clean up after yourselves, how to wash and iron your clothes and how to essentially live on your own. One thing you may not get the grasp of, is the perfect portion of pasta for one person, but pasta for three, sure!
  3. You get to call an amazing city, like Manchester, home! Living in a city may be a big step up after living in a small town your whole life, but it’s something you will not regret. You get to explore a whole new city. Manchester for me is incredible and I’m sure all the students that live here can agree with me on this one.
  4. You get student discounts! Yes, at uni you should be saving your money instead of spending it on clothes and treating yourself. But who can resist when you can get up to 50% off on student discounts throughout the year. UNiDAYS- you are the best.
  5. You learn to find super cheap holidays abroad to suit your student budget. I mean return flights to Cologne for as little as £11, it’d be rude not to! As a student, it can be difficult to get around on a budget, but I have learnt many tips and tricks on how to score cheap holidays to suit your budget. I hope to share them with you soon!
  6. You’re encouraged to do as much work experience as you can, to help you after you graduate. This is definitely one piece of advice that I have cherished. Work experience will help you massively when you finish Uni! Get as much as you can in your first year whilst you’re not as busy with assignments as you will be in the next 2/3 years.
  7. You get to study a subject you love. No more studying the subjects you despise. You can enjoy Uni because you’re studying something you’re passionate about. This simply just motivates you to do well at University to essentially help you get a better job after you graduate.
  8. You get to enjoy the social life of a student. From SU Socials, nights out and of course, helping that one friend who has just a bit too much to drink sometimes. I think you know who it is, if not, chances are it’s you!
  9. One of the best things about uni in Manchester is you get to meet some of the nicest and friendliest locals ever!
  10. The new friends you make often turn out to be your best friends and you get to spend a lot of time making memories with them! Chances are, the friends you make at uni are friends you’ll have for life! (Sorry B, you’re stuck with me forever.)

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