Top 5 places to see when visiting Southern Turkey

So, in the Summer of 2017 I had a good few months off which were filled with adventures. From going on day trips in the UK, exploring Sri Lanka and exploring the beautiful country that is Turkey.

Now Turkey was somewhere I always wanted to visit. (Istanbul in particular but I hope to do that trip soon to visit the Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium) However, this Summer, our family decided to visit a city in South Turkey, Fethiye. Fethiye is a district in the Muğla Province but doesn’t seem to get as much attention as other places in Turkey such as, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya etc. I thought I should enlighten all of you and tell you all about this ‘hidden’ gem.

Fethiye is an absolutely stunning city, I had the privilege of spending almost 2 weeks there, in a hotel called Jiva Beach Resort. The hotel sits on the coast of Çaliş Beach, which is north of the city centre. Here are a few pics of the hotel itself…

Just to let you know, I 100% recommend staying at this hotel because its honestly full of such nice people and the amazing Animation Team!

So that’s a little bit about our hotel. As for what we did there, I don’t even know where to start. I won’t be writing this in a specific order because, quite frankly, they all deserve the top spot in their own way!

Number 1- 

The Dalyan Mud Bath…

The Dalyan Mud Baths are an absolute, 1000% must when you’re visiting Southern Turkey! It all starts off with a boat trip from your nearest stop-basically wherever the boat is able to pick you up. The boat trip for me lasted around 1 hour and it was so relaxing. You go past the town of Köyceğiz. (Shout-out to Jay and Josh) Köyceğiz small town in the Muğla Province, which is also a nature reserve for the endangered Loggerhead Turtles. As you past Köyceğiz, on the lake you are surrounded with incredible views such as this…


Oh wait, that’s me.

Seriously though, the pictures don’t do Köyceğiz lake any justice! It’s something you must see for yourself. Anyway, as you get off the boat, you aren’t welcomed with the best of scents. Basically, because of the natural Mud Baths and Roman Spa, the baths smell a little. But not to worry, both the Mud Bath and the Sulphur Pool do wonders for your body!

The excursion is definitely one not to miss, it relaxes you and it is a great day out. Having a fun tour guide makes it 100x better as well.

Number 2-


Technically, the Southwest of Turkey but I can’t not tell you about how amazing it is. Pamukkale essentially translate to “Cotton Castle” and it is Turkey’s most popular attraction. Described as a ‘Geographical Phenomenon’, Pamukkale is named after its White Limestone and Calcium Rich springs.

The trip was a 3-hour journey for us but it was 100% worth it! I was just blown away when I saw it in real life. No picture can ever do any justice, I don’t really need to explain any further as to why you must see it, but one thing to note is that Pamukkale is recognised as a World Heritage Site along with Hierapolis which is another place on my list!

Number 3-


I can put this one with Pamukkale as you can visit one when you visit the other, but I loved it so much I thought I should give Hierapolis the spotlight.

Hierapolis is an Ancient City, which was located on Hot Springs. If you’re into your Archaeology and your History it’s a place you must visit! I found it incredibly interesting and so did the Historian in the family- Dad. Hierapolis flourished in the 2nd/3rd centuries having been destroyed in 60 A.D after an earthquake hit. The site at the moment contains ruins of the Necropolis, Theatre and also Temple ruins. There is also a museum on sight.

Just a quick tip though, it can be tiring walking round the site, so if you’re going when it is extremely hot, make sure you keep hydrated and you’re protecting yourself from the sun (Hats, Sunglasses, Sun cream etc.)

Number 4- 


Tlos is another Ancient City, well a ‘Lycian hilltop citadel’. It is actually believed to be an important religious site for Lycians. For those of you who may not know, Lycians were an Ancient People who inhabited in this area of Turkey.

The Ancient City is one of the oldest settlements of Lycia and is full of many ancient ruins. Lycian Rock Tombs for example, the site is full of them. They were built so that the ancient angels could reach the dead.

On the site of the Ancient City, you can see the ruins of what was the centre. Our tour guide described it as almost a ‘plaza, or meeting point’ in which everyone would meet there.

I put this on my Top 5 list as I thought the history and culture behind it was so interesting. We got a bit of a history lesson when we were there and I loved it.

Number 5-


Ölüdeniz was one of my absolute favourite places to visit. Even though the boat broke down whilst we stop at one of the islands nearby, I didn’t mind because I was surrounded by turquoise waters. A view I will never ever get over.

Ölüdeniz is known worldwide for its famous Blue Lagoon. But it isn’t known for the islands that are that are pretty close by. The waters are like something you would see on a postcard.

On our Ölüdeniz boat trip we had lovely traditional meal cooked up by one of the chefs. The salad, however, was to die for. It was just perfect to eat considering the hot weather!

We were meant to go to visit several islands on the boat trip but due to our broken-down boat, we didn’t have the time to visit them all. But the few we did visit were exceptional, we could leave the boat and swim round with a snorkel. When we go back, it’s something I would love to do again.

Me just being me 

The photographer probably saw this coming. Sarah, being Sarah, just had to sit on the lowest part of the rocks and end up getting soaked.

I hope you enjoyed this longer blog post, if you have any requests for any posts just let me know!

Sarah, xoxo



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