My top 5 favourite things to do in Prague…

My top 5 favourite places to visit in Prague…

In January I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful city of Prague. Now when visiting Prague in January do not expect the most wonderful of weathers. Pack for Winter and make sure you wrap up warm and prepare for the cold- but if you’re from the UK I’m sure you’ll manage just fine.

Once you’ve got past the weather issue you can enjoy what the city has to offer.

1. Charles Bridge

So you might’ve seen this particular place on everyone’s Instagram once they’ve visited Prague, but believe me it’s a sight you cannot miss. Charles Bridge has to be one of Prague’s most famous places to visit and I can completely see why. Walking towards and up the bridge has plenty of photo opportunities- which is handy because you’ll be able to make tons of social media posts about how pretty it is (then again that’s with every place/building you see in central Prague) Just a bit of extra information for you guys, the bridge looks beautiful regardless of if you visit it at day or night! Don’t believe me? Take a look at these pictures below…

and here’s me posing on the bridge at night…

2. Old Town Square

Old Town Square had to be one of the cutest places we visited in Prague, whilst stood in the middle of the square you’re surrounded by loads of amazing buildings and buskers making you feel like the typical tourist but you really embrace the culture, especially when hearing the music around you! The Old Town Square is home to a whole bunch of multi-coloured buildings, the tower of the town hall and of course the famous Astronomical clock. Unfortunately for us- when we visited the town hall, it was undergoing repair and the clock was getting taken apart. However, for you lucky guys who end up visiting Prague in August 2018 you’ll be able to see these two amazing sights and you’ll get to enjoy the hot weather too- bonus!

3. Generali Arena/Viktoria Zizkov Stadium

This one is more for you football fans out there or even you UCFB students who just happen to be in Prague. The Generali Arena or more commonly known as the Letna Arena is the home stadium of Sparta Prague and it’s always a must to visit a stadium once I’m in a different city- especially because I love football. Football in Prague has a rich history, something which a lot of people may not have known. To educate us a little further about football in Prague we visited a lower league stadium, which was FK Viktoria Zizkov and it is actually one of the oldest football clubs in the Czech Republic (Just a little fun fact for you all)


Look at me getting all excited about second tier Czech football…


4. Take a tram to Wenceslas Square

Okay this might seem like a stupid thing to do but I think the trams over in Prague are super-duper cool! From our hotel, we took a tram to Wenceslas Square (another touristy place) but its trip there on the tram which is just so fun. By the way, don’t be alarmed the tram system is not complicated at all and the trams are incredibly cheap so it’s a win-win situation. Wenceslas Square has some really cute shops that are unique to the Czech Republic. However, there are your typical stores which you get all over the world and some small tourist shops for all your souvenir needs. A little heads up, there is a very cool Turkish restaurant at the top of the square (near the monument) which is called ‘Mangal Restaurant’ and I would absolutely recommend it and if you go there please try the salad called ‘Antep Ezmesi’- you won’t be disappointed.

(I won’t be cruel and insert pictures of the food, that’s just mean, especially if you’re hungry.)

5. Explore the cobbled streets in the city
As cliché as this may sound, I think there’s no better way to explore a new city than to wander around the streets. Wandering around Prague gave us the opportunity to see some stunning buildings and going through all the cobbled streets just made the adventure seem so fun. You really get to see a whole lot more of the city whilst walking around and taking random turns down different streets. Exploring the city is fun, but exploring it whilst having no end destination in mind is even better. It led us to see some cool and colourful buildings.

That’s all for this post, these were my top 5 favourite things to do in the amazing city of Prague. Thank you for reading!

S x


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